We produce and develope panelfilters in various filter-classes, standard-sizes and – shapes; as well as customized solutions. For us, Panelfilters mean realizing your requirements in the smallest possible installation space. This applies both to special applications and heat recovery systems. Our filters consist of ultra-fine filter fibres made from 100% polypropylene. We do not use multi-layer matting, but a single layer combining stronger ultra-fine fibres in its unique three-dimensional structure. We meet the specifications of DIN EN 779:2012. Our extensive range of products: Rigid bag, bag filters, EPA- und HEPA-filters, activated charcoal filters
Your advantages: High nominal volume flows combined with minimized pressure drops No glass fibres, so no shedding Antimicrobial filter media (100% PP) High intrinsic stability Long service life - due to high dust retention capacity and - thus outstanding energy efficiency
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AROTECH-Panelfilter with PS-U-frame available in standard and customized sizes one of our smallest panelfilter – also available with “superfine” 100% Polypropylen, such as heat recovery systems customer-specific filter-development, such as water-resistant PP-frame Our actual filter-medias fulfill the new DIN EN 779:2012 AROTECH-Filter MAINPAGE AROTECH-Filter MAINPAGE Panelfilter